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We embrace strategies that help business owners like yourself, get more local exposure to their business. Not ALL leads are created equal. There are many methods to increase website traffic to your website, however there are only 2 methods that produce good results. The first method is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. With SEO, a well crafted, well coded site can bring in leads on autopilot for free from customers searching on google, yahoo, or bing. They click your result listings and get redirected to your business website. Moving forward, it's your website's job to convert that lead into a customer. The second method is (PPC) Pay Per Click marketing. With Pay Per Click advertising, you create ad copy and pay to place it on commonly visited properties such as search engines, and social media. Social media sites like youtube, facebook, and instagram allow you to place advertising on their sites which you can use to generate leads faster and on demand. The main differences between these methods are control, speed, and scalability. Lets talk about them individually.

Not All Traffic Is Equal

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of tagging and optimizing a page, or an entire website to rank for chosen keywords related to that company or niche. SEO can take several months to a year to see the fruits of your labor. The speed at which you can scale a niche or product is a slow but steady one. If you're interested in doing a lot of work up front, and doing minimal work in the future, then this method is for you. SEO is right for small businessess that have a fixed service that isn't variable. If you're service or product line is constantly evolving, then search engine optimization should not be your primary focus. The reason is that scaling your products or service doesn't happen immediately. Keywords that you choose when beginning your website optimization will predicate how much available traffic you can claim from search queries or even social media. After you have been ranked in the search engines, (depending on your keywords) is may or may not require a tremendous effort to keep your site ranking high. It may only take a few hours per month. Whilst, you're still receiving an abundance of free traffic.

PPC - Pay Per Click

Pay per click is the act of paying another website or firm to run your advertisement on their site, in exchange for paying them either per click, or per impressions. Impressions are how many times your ad has been shown to potential customers. You have 100% control over where your ad is shown and the demographics that sees it. This method works very well in the beginning stages of SEO, or for businesses with a variable product or customer base. PPC traffic can give you a massive influx of leads very quickly, because you can scale up a particular advertisement to ultimately endless. This means you could go from 0 customers, to having so many leads you can't handle them all within a week. Paid advertisement relies on optimized targeting to determine the success of the placement for your business. A perfect Pay Per Click campaign can be like throwing gasoline on an already burning fire. However, you'll need to keep in mind that you're paying for each lead that gets generated.

Additional Services

Social Media Marketing

If you're running marketing on social media already then you know that it's very time consuming. Making sure your ads are performing daily. You could find yourself in split test hell. Let us handle that for you, so you can get back to doing what makes you happy. We'll make sure your ads are performing well and keeping you in a positive ROI. We can take the burden off your shoulders and keep your business running like a well oiled sales funnel.

Sales Funnel Automation

If you're asking yourself right now, what's a sales funnel? Then you for sure are leaving money on the table. A sales funnel is where you put cold traffic in the top, and money spits out the bottom. It's a sequential process which guides a prospective customer through the varying stages of buying temperature. If you're looking to increase your sales volume, or increasing the average purchase cost, then you need to set up a sales funnel. Various components of the sales funnel can be automated so that you only need to get involved when the customer is ready to purchase or has already done so. Thus freeing your time up to do other things. Think of it as a selling machine that never sleeps. Like money.

Developing for The Future

Mobile Friendly First!

Mobile friendly web design is of the utmost importance today. With nearly 70% of all internet traffic being on a mobile device, we need to make sure every device gives a great user experience. By making your site responsive it helps in SEO value because it increased the user experience, and google loves it when the users engage with your site more. The more engagement you get on your site, the better your rankings will become. Showing poor quality or pixelated images to users can give them a bad user experience and causing them to hit the back button immediately.

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