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What is SEO

SEO is a common acronym used by industry peers and web developers to describe a process called search engine optimization. This is a process of optimizing the on site and off site content for specific keywords related to your target market, service or product. From the birth of search engines, and until their death, we will always have search engine optimization. By optimizing your inner pages and site structure, your website is served ahead of other websites when a user performs a keyword search on sites such as google, yahoo, and bing. If I were to type in dog groomer into google, I am going to get a list of dog groomers that are geographically surrounding me in an order or precedence established by googles algorithm. The higher up you are in the search listings, the more traffic you can expect to realize. This traffic comes in organically and doesn't cost you anything. The amount of traffic depends on your search rankings. So now that we know what SEO is, lets talk about the different types or styles of SEO.

Make Your Content Easier To Find

On Site Optimization

On site optimization is one of the most difficult and technical part of preparing your website to rank higher in the search engines, and requires a technical ability to write proper code, and optimize your pages for the correct geographic locations and keywords to bring in the most amount of traffic for your industry. When you're doing on site optimization your meticulously searching for through the code and making sure everything is in place that the search engines are looking for such as meta tags, title tags, schema markup, and micro data. All of this data is interpretted by the search engines so that they can determine ranking of that specific page or a site as a whole.

Spreading the Love

Off Site Optimization

This strategy is one of the most controversial ways to increase your rankings. The most common term used to describe this strategy is called link building. As algorithms have changed over the years so have the strategies used to position your site higher. Backlinks serve as a vote to push your higher in the rankings for a specific keyword. So the more backlinks you have, the more "votes" you have for that keyword. Domain Authority plays a factor in ranking. But not all backlinks are created equal. Some types of backlinks can actually hurt your rankings. The search engines are fighting against website owners gaming the search engines to rank their sites higher. So ranking is becoming harder and harder as time and alorithms change. Use backlinks carefully. Citations help establish authority to your site by creating a link wheel of the same information sending users back to the same page.

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