Social Media Marketing (SEM)

Can SEM Help My Business

What is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is when a business uses different social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, youtube, and linkedin to capture potential leads. A business can do this by using that platforms paid advertisements, or by building unique content and ranking that content organically. By establishing brand pages or properties on social media platforms you can start to build a highly targeted audience specifically for your brand or business. Not all social media platforms are going to be best for your product or service so it is important to only focus on the ones that will bring you the best chances of building an engaged audience. Building your pages and profiles up on non relevant platforms can be a waste of your time and potentially bring you unwanted or unrelevant traffic.

I Want Traffic Fast

Paid Advertisements on Social Media

The use of paid advertisements can be an extemely effective way to get your brand out to the masses in a very short amount of time. We use Facebook, and youTube as our main traffic sources because they are extremely versatile and can bring highly engaged people back to your website very quickly. Facebook's paid advertisements allows you to target specific demographics for your ad placements. For example, if you are on the east coast and your product or service can only be completed for people on the east coast, we can target only those people on the east coast and exclude all of the other people. We can even target your audience by your location plus expand by a specific radius. If you don't know your target demographics yet, no worries. Using ad groups we can identify which groups of people are responding to your product or service the most and drop off the remaining ones. This can be achieved in less than a week and costs very little. This gives you the ability to start or scale your marketing very rapidly, with confidence that you are hitting the correct audience. After we have identified the correct target audience, we can start to work on conversions.

I Want to Go Viral

Organic Social Traffic

On social media, and much like doing SEO, we can build up a highly targeted audience by doing content creation. If you are focusing on facebook, we can start a facebook business page and publish content to that page that resonates with your audience. This is a long term game identical to doing search engine optimization. We will want to drip content every day, week, or month to keep our page and audience from forgetting that we exist. The more content you release the more likes and shares you will get and the more people that will be engaged with your product or business. Typically if you are going to be doing social media marketing, it's best to use paid traffic unless you an abundance of content to release monthly. The main focus of organic content is to educate, entertain, and inform your subscribers of the awesome things your doing.

I Want The Best of Both

Can I Do Both

Absolutely, it is recommended to do both in some aspect. However, you may find that one method of social media marketing does not align well with your company, or simply is not getting a very good return on your investment. While the paid ads can be very effective, they can also cost you a lot of money and not get anything in return. It's very important to have someone doing your small business marketing that understands your business and can write effective sales funnels. We can handle both for you, and can build your audience on autopilot while you do what you do best. Looking to hire a gladiator for your social media, give us a call or send us a request.

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