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What is Web Design

Most people believe that website design is simply building pages for a person or a company to represent themselves online. Whilst this is true, you're only thinking of a few elements. For example, when you formed your business or brand. You've chosen to use specific colors for your logo, a specific font for your flyers. All of these design elements have been put together in such a way that makes your business distinguishable to potential and previous clients. Website design should take on personality elements of the business owner and company. Don't be afraid to put a little personality into your websites. No one likes to read drab content that they've already read a thousand times before. Connect with your potential clients by entertaining them a little bit while you educate them on what you are offering them. Make them laugh, or show them your weird side, or a lamb shank and a flask of burbon. Whatever works!

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Why Web Design is Important

Web design is NOT a one size fits all design. Here at Gladiator Media we take the time to understand the business, the target market, and the personality behind the brand. By doing this we can better craft a site that resonates with your potential customers and makes them want to connect with you. Here's a contrasting example of why it needs to be carefully planned before you build the site.

If I have John the builder, and he builds houses for a living, but his website is constructed in a way that resembles a typical blog or ecommerce store. Anyone that comes to his website is not going to connect personally with his brand because the layout of the site is not directly connecting with his potential buyers. A buyer wants to see the quality in his works, and some examples of previous build projects. They don't want to read about how well this person can build, or just pick a house from 1 picture with a price tag next to it. They want to experience his work. Not only will the site have a picture slideshow, it will also have a video walkthrough of past projects, and a map showing the location of where this property was located. Perhaps they would like to take a drive by the property. By doing this, John the builder can connect with them on a level that makes sense. His website is congruent with their needs.

Another example could be Steve the t-shirt maker. He owns a brick and morter shop on the other side of town, and he's decided that it's time to put his business online. So Steve goes ahead and installs wordpress and woocommerce and puts his products online. Which is very simple to do and can start selling his items online very quickly. Maybe Steve is going to make sales from his new shop, BUT what Steve is going to encounter is that his conversion ratio from people landing on his website to how many people actually make a purchase is going to be very low. The reason is that when you're trying to sell anything online, you need to limit the amount of distractions the potential buyer is encountering through the sales process. What Steve should be doing is creating a sales funnel. A Sales funnel is a very minimal series of web pages that takes a potential buyer through their sales cycle, which will only offer 1 product with upsells, and downsells. By using a sales funnel or landing pages, you can eliminate the confusion or lack of congruency with websites, and keep the buyer on target to make a sale.

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So now that you know why web design is important. Think about your own business and see if you could use room for improvement. Not quite sure? No problem, give us a call and we can go through your existing website and make suggestions on potential improvements. Don't have a website yet? No problem. We can do a quick phone call to determine the type of website design that will perform best for your business. Give a call or send us a request for quote.

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